The Road Signs


At the beginning of 2020, I started  thinking about a new series of works. This was during the early days of COVID and lockdown. And many people, I don't know who put the idea into their heads, kept saying, "the world after COVID won’t be the same." People repeated it like a mantra, as if expecting renewal and cleansing from the pandemic. It is 2023 now. The war has been going on for more than a year. In Russia, the buzz words are: destroy and kill. The masses repeat them like a mantra. Lies have become a trend. The masses accept them without objection. In Russia, the concept of individuality is being killed, and people are being reduced to mere components of faceless population. Cynicism runs rampant. People are willing to kill and be killed for 2-3 thousand dollars a month without even knowing why.                       And propaganda creates an image of the enemy – crudely and cynically. The world of delusion...
And we are on the road. Looking for our "way out." What we see and feel turns into road signs on the road with abolished traffic rules.



Chamotte, terracotta, enamels, metal, 43x43 cm

It's all about thinking of the origin of life. We look at an object and immediately distinguish a man-made from the natural. Are you looking at something alive? Is it a coincidence? In the structure and development we feel effort. But whose?

Order and Chaos


Chamotte, terracotta, enamels, resins, metal, 55x55 cm

Hidden Observer


Chamotte, enamels, metal, 55x55 cm

Who creates the world every minute of the day? Could it be us, the fussy observers? And somewhere there is a hidden observer.



Chamotte, enamels, resins, metal, 55x55 cm

It's about propaganda. It's about "ears" coming out of everywhere. Do you see any milk here?



Second version. Chamotte, enamels, metal, 43x48 cm

Going into or coming out of. Unclear. The sky is scarlet, and the horizon is toothy. And people are faceless links. If you break free from the chain, reach the edge, and if luck is on your side, you will find your face. A zipper as a symbol of the society unification.

Red Cross


Chamotte, enamels, resins, metal, 32x43 cm

The idea for the work was inspired by the song "Queen of the Mainland" by Alexander Galich.

The Gap


Chamotte, resins, metal, 35x43 cm

The Fault


Chamotte, enamels, resins, metal, 43x46 cm

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